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If you’d like to order Storytime for your school – you can use our calculator below to work out the price, then complete the online form below to place your order. We’ll then email you back confirm that everything has been set up for you. Please note if you are based outside the UK, you will need to complete this form here.

If you would prefer to print off an order form, click on this link to open a printable version up – the contact details to send it to are on the form.

If you would rather speak to someone to place an order, please call us on 0207 993 5583.

All orders placed by the end of the month will receive their first issues in the second week of the following month.

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If you need to increase, decrease or stop your order at any time, please email us at hello@storytimemagazine.com and we’ll take care of it, but we do need 30 days notice.