Get Families Reading & Get Cash Back Too!

Evidence shows that when parents take just 10 minutes a day to read to a child, it significantly helps to close the literacy gap for less advantaged children.

Storytime magazine is perfect for this – it’s the UK’s leading story magazine – full of fairy tales, poems, myths & legends, for parents and children to enjoy together.

The magazine format means it’s less intimidating than a book for both parent and child, and the short story format means it can be dipped in and out of.

It’s a great way of getting children and parents reading together for pleasure.


Money Back Offer

If you recommend Storytime to a parent in your school, and they take out an annual subscription – we will donate £5 back to the school to spend on teaching resources.

For every 10 parents that take out an annual subscription, we will donate an additional £100

All you need to do is take out a subscription to Storytime, the number of issues doesn’t matter, and we will set up a special code unique to your school so that every time a parent places an order, we know to make a donation.

If you’re interested just email us at and we will set this up for your school!


Reading to Children

The Early Childhood Longitudinal Study of 22,000 students found that children who had been read to at least three times a week had a significantly greater phonemic awareness (phonics) than did children who were read to less often.

Hart and Risley’s study Meaningful Differences showed affluent children heard 45 million words by age four, working class heard 26 million, and the poverty child heard just 13 million—that’s a 32-million word gap between rich and poor. Reading regularly to a child helps to close that gap and gives the at-risk child a “head” start

(Information taken from Jim Trelease, ‘Why Read Aloud For Children’)