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Every issue of Storytime now comes with a teaching resource pack, which includes fact sheets, lesson ideas, class games and activities, emailed each month to our schools.  But we also have some free taster teaching resource packs for anybody to download below. You can use these with any issue of Storytime, or even download to use with your own materials. Make sure you follow us on Twitter for more free resources, storytelling tips, and articles from the editor’s blog. And you can order copies of Storytime, including monthly free teaching resources to accompany each issue, here.


Storytime Poetry for Kids Teaching Resource Pack:

  • What is a Poem? Fact Sheet
  • Different Types of Poem
  • Poetry Techniques
  • Rhyming for Beginners
  • Rhyming Sheet
  • Poetic Pairs Sheet
  • Pass the Poem Sheet
  • Finish the Poem Sheet
  • Write a Poem! Sheets

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Storytime Magazine Maker Teaching Resource Pack: Teach your class how to make their own magazine with our Storytime Magazine Maker pack:

  • Things to Think About Before Getting Started
  • Choosing Your Subject – Ideas and Worksheet
  • Picking a Title – Examples, Ideas & Prompts
  • Inside Your Magazine – Thinking About Content
  • Making a Flatplan – Plus 8, 12 and 16 Page Plans
  • Making a Moodboard – Ideas for How It Could Look
  • Designing Your Cover – Plus Cover Templates
  • Writing and Structuring Your Magazine
  • Choosing Your Pictures – Examples and Guidance

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Storytime Jack and the Beanstalk Teaching Resource Pack:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk Lesson Ideas for Literacy, Maths, Science, Music, PE and Art
  • Word Wise Sheet
  • Jack and the Beanstalk Match Game
  • Jack and the Beanstalk: Name the Characters
  • Jack and Giant Masks
  • Magic Beans Maths 1 and 2
  • Big or Small Sheet
  • Beanstalk Growth Chart
  • Storytime Giant’s Castle Plant Marker
  • Jack and the Beanstalk Colouring Sheet

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Storytime Myths and Legends Teaching Resource Pack:

  • What is a myth fact sheet
  • What is a legend fact sheet
  • Top Tens: mythical heroes, mythical gods, mythical monsters, legendary heroes, legendary beasts
  • Create a myth or legend
  • Hero’s Quest Story Mountain
  • Three Picture Frames Heroes and Gods, Mythical Monsters and Legendary Creatures
  • Storytime Biography Sheet and Checklist
  • Storytime Diary Sheet
  • Top of the God Survey
  • Roll a Monster!
  • Fold a Monster!
  • Myth or Legend Sheet
  • Myth and Match Game

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Storytime Fable Teaching Resource Pack:

  • Aesop Fact Sheet with Lesson Ideas
  • What Is a Fable? with Lesson Ideas
  • Create a Fable! with Lesson Ideas
  • Animal Adjectives Sheet
  • Storytime Problem and Solution Sheet
  • Storytime Story Planner
  • Storytime Storyboards
  • Storytime Picture Frame

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Storytime Crow & Pitcher Teaching Resource Pack:

  • The Crow and the Pitcher Story
  • Literacy, Science, Maths, Geography & Art Lesson Ideas
  • The Crow and the Pitcher Word Wise Sheet
  • The Crow and the Pitcher Sock Puppet Kit
  • Clever Crow Fact Sheet
  • The Crow and the Pitcher Experiment Sheet
  • The Crow and the Pitcher Colouring Sheet
  • Crow Mask Activity
  • The Crow and the Pitcher Pebble Maze

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Storytime Fairy Tale Teaching Resource Pack:

  • Brothers Grimm Fact Sheet with lesson ideas
  • Hans C Andersen Fact Sheet with lesson ideas
  • Charles Perrault Fact Sheet with lesson ideas
  • What Is a Fairy Tale? with lesson ideas
  • Create a Fairy Tale Sheet
  • Favourite Fairy Tale Survey Sheet
  • Fairy Tale Creator Cards – 4 sheets of 24 cards
  • Fairy Tale Detective Sheet
  • Fairy Tale Story Sheet
  • Hero and Heroine Adjectives Sheet
  • Fairy Tale Baddy Adjectives Sheet
  • Fairy Tale Match Game

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Fairy Tale Decoration Teaching Resource Pack – for classroom stimulus:

  • Fairy tale bunting. Decorate your class with our Once Upon a Time Fairy Tale Bunting
  • Fairy tales settings posters. Pin them up to inspire great stories! Includes palace, gingerbread house, woods and a cottage
  • Fairy tale character posters. Use our posters as stimulus for story writing in the classroom – includes a prince, princess, witch, gingerbread man, fairy godmother, giant, big bad wolf, frog
  • Fairy tale phrases posters. Use our posters to prompt brilliant beginnings and endings when writing your own fairy tales
  • Fairy tale bookmarks. Inspire your class by giving them their own Storytime fairy tale bookmarks!

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