Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme

Storytime magazine, Storytime school subscriptions, Storytime reading buddies, paired reading, shared reading, school reading schemesDid you know that pairing up older readers with younger pupils or siblings as reading buddies can have a lasting impact on the confidence and literacy levels of both readers? Especially struggling and reluctant readers. We know this because our subscribers – parents and teachers – have told us so, but also because there’s strong research to support it.

According to studies by the Educational Endowment Fund and the University of Durham, partnering older and younger pupils in one-to-one reading sessions (known as peer-to-peer reading, paired reading, partner reading or reading buddies schemes) has many positive results, which you can read in depth here.

Here are some of our favourites and why you should start a Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme in your school…


10 reasons to launch a Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme

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1. It improves reading skills for younger buddies.
2. It instils pupils with a positive attitude towards reading.
3. It gives older pupils more confidence in their reading fluency.
4. It improves expression and oracy in the pupil who is reading out loud.
5. It bolsters leadership skills in older reading buddies.
6. It reinforces everything the pupils are learning in class.
7. It forges bonds of mutual respect and trust across generations and different backgrounds.
8. It teaches pupils about cooperation and understanding.
9. It builds self-esteem in readers who lack confidence.
10. It provides children with a one-to-one reading session that they might not otherwise be able to access at home.

From a practical and financial perspective, a reading buddies scheme is also an effective way to improve reading results. In short, it’s hugely beneficial to your students without leaving a big hole in your budget.

With this is mind, we are launching a Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme to help you get peer-to-peer reading underway at your school – and it’s completely free!


Each Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme pack has been developed with input from teachers and headteachers, and contains everything you need to get started. It includes:


  • How to set up a Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme in eight easy steps.
  • 10 Top Tips for older reading buddies on how to share stories with younger readers.
  • Progress cards for both reading buddies, so they can keep track of their sessions together.
  • Printable badges to give to reading buddies.
  • Certificates for reading buddies.
  • Drawing, writing and storyboard sheets to use after each Storytime Reading Buddy session.


All you need apart from this is a copy of Storytime and you’re ready to get going!


To claim your free Storytime Reading Buddies Scheme Pack, contact us at with the name and email address of the person you’d like us to send the pack to, and we’ll email it directly.


Primary school teacher and education author Jenna Lucas said this about our Storytime Reading Buddies Pack:

“I absolutely love the resources… I do love the extra sheets that go alongside the reading activities and the tips for older readers too.”

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