Free Packs

Each year we produce several free packs for schools to use – covering topical areas like Reading Catch Up, Peer to Peer reading and advice for parents on reading to children at home. You can access them below – we hope you find them useful.

You can use these with any issue of Storytime, or even download them to use with your own materials. To download a pack just click on the image, or contact us at and we can email it to you.


Reading Catch Up Pack:
The last year has made it a bit difficult to maintain reading habits – so this pack has been specially designed to make reading stories into an exciting challenge!

    • Advice for Teachers, Parents and Carers
    • A World of Stories!
    • Which Story Should I Read?
    • The Parts of a Story!
    • Who’s Your Hero?
    • Let’s Go on a Story Hunt!
    • Write a Story Review!
    • Word Quest!
    • Grammar Master!
    • Draw It!
    • Reading Fun Cards!
    • Weekly Reading Chart
    • Reading Reward Bookmarks
    • Top Tips to Keep Reading

Storytime Home Reading Pack:
Reading to children at home is one of the most effective ways of improving literacy. This pack has advice for parents to get the best out of this time:

    • Reading to your children – some common questions
    • Five different reading styles to try
    • Top ten tips for home reading
    • Barriers to reading to your kids… and how to knock them down
    • Reading rewards
    • Home reading chart
    • Reading Star badges

Storytime Reading Buddies Pack:
Everything you need to set up a peer to peer reading scheme in your school. The pack includes:

    • How to set up a Reading Buddies Scheme in eight easy steps.
    • 10 Top Tips for older reading buddies on how to share stories with younger readers.
    • Progress cards for both reading buddies, so they can keep track of their sessions together.
    • Printable badges to give to reading buddies.
    • Certificates for reading buddies.
    • Drawing, writing and storyboard sheets to use after each Reading Buddy session.

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Storytime Magazine Maker Teaching Resource Pack:
Teach your class how to make their own magazine with our Storytime Magazine Maker pack:

    • Things to Think About Before Getting Started
    • Choosing Your Subject – Ideas and Worksheet
    • Picking a Title – Examples, Ideas & Prompts
    • Inside Your Magazine – Thinking About Content
    • Making a Flatplan – Plus 8, 12 and 16 Page Plans
    • Making a Moodboard – Ideas for How It Could Look
    • Designing Your Cover – Plus Cover Templates
    • Writing and Structuring Your Magazine
    • Choosing Your Pictures – Examples and Guidance

Storytime Myths and Legends Teaching Resource Pack:

      • What is a myth fact sheet
      • What is a legend fact sheet
      • Top Tens: mythical heroes, mythical gods, mythical monsters, legendary heroes, legendary beasts
      • Create a myth or legend
      • Hero’s Quest Story Mountain
      • Three Picture Frames Heroes and Gods, Mythical Monsters and Legendary Creatures
      • Storytime Biography Sheet and Checklist
      • Storytime Diary Sheet
      • Fold a Monster!
      • Myth or Legend Sheet
      • Myth and Match Game

Storytime Fable Teaching Resource Pack:

        • Aesop Fact Sheet with Lesson Ideas
        • What Is a Fable? with Lesson Ideas
        • Create a Fable! with Lesson Ideas
        • Animal Adjectives Sheet
        • Storytime Problem and Solution Sheet
        • Storytime Story Planner
        • Storytime Storyboards
        • Storytime Picture Frame

Storytime Fairy Tale Teaching Resource Pack:

          • Brothers Grimm Fact Sheet with lesson ideas
          • Hans C Andersen Fact Sheet with lesson ideas
          • Charles Perrault Fact Sheet with lesson ideas
          • What Is a Fairy Tale? with lesson ideas
          • Create a Fairy Tale Sheet
          • Favourite Fairy Tale Survey Sheet
          • Fairy Tale Creator Cards – 4 sheets of 24 cards
          • Fairy Tale Detective Sheet
          • Fairy Tale Story Sheet
          • Hero and Heroine Adjectives Sheet
          • Fairy Tale Baddy Adjectives Sheet
          • Fairy Tale Match Game

Storytime Poetry for Kids Teaching Resource Pack:

            • What is a Poem? Fact Sheet
            • Different Types of Poem
            • Poetry Techniques
            • Rhyming for Beginners
            • Rhyming Sheet
            • Poetic Pairs Sheet
            • Pass the Poem Sheet
            • Finish the Poem Sheet
            • Write a Poem! Sheets